Behind the name Pineapples & Parties:

As an Event Coordinator, I can plan, organize, and decorate for any type of party you can imagine! Whether it be a baby shower, engagement party, Sweet Sixteen, bridal shower, retirement party, anniversary party, celebration of life, a wedding ceremony or reception, the list is endless and hence "Parties" being in the name.

However, some of you may be wondering about the other half of the name. Pineapples are the international sign of hospitality. Years ago, pineapples were uncommon and it was a royal privilege to receive one as a gift. Especially in America, pineapples were high in demand, but there was hardly any supply to fulfill this demand. So, since this tropical fruit was so highly sought after, it was considered a very generous and kind hostess gift. This is how a fruit we simply pick up at the grocery store nowadays became a symbol representing so many things including hospitality, friendliness, warm reception, and entertainment.

Angela earned both of her degrees in Hospitality Management, so including pineapples in the business name seemed like a great choice. There's a little history for everyone about the pineapple and how the business name "Pineapples & Parties" came to be!


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